Sam Cox Benefit

With a few edits for modesty, this is the original message from the event organizer and manager of the Cap City Comedy Club, Margie.

To All:

Consider this as me reaching out for a worthy cause close to my heart. Some of you may or may not know that Sam Cox has had a very rough run of it recently, actually, for awhile now. After his successful kidney & liver transplant over a year ago, he has since then become plagued by numerous infections and problems that eventually landed him in a San Antonio hospital for three months followed by at least a month long visit here in Austin and now rehab for a very, very long time. He was recently diagnosed with(ADEM) Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, a rare form of MS) which affects the brain.

Remarkably, Sam is doing much better and for those that would like to give a shoutout, email He's finally at home with his wife and two sons. However, the Cox's could use some help.

So, Cap City is hosting a fundraiser for Comedy Gym and Sam Cox on Monday, October 27th. It would be great to have a "Comedy Gym Showcase" in his honor as we raise a little dough. We have a silent auction in the works, contact Kaye Ahtic & Sue Billich adriennel@sbcglobal.net. Robert Hawkins will hang for the night with hopefully more oldtimers. It would be great to have as many comedy gymers on the bill as possible. Please email me if you can perform. We'll try to fit in everyone we can.

Sam has been a unique resource for comedy in Austin. He has been a friend to all and especially me and Cap City for a very long time. I would personally appreciate your help in returning the favor.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Cap City Comedy Club
8120 Research Blvd. Suite 100
Austin, TX 78758
512-467-2333p 512-302-4826f


Venus and Serena taught me something

According to this article from USA Today, Venus and Serena Williams aren't going to vote in the November election because they're Jehova's Witnesses. Apparently, Jehova's Witnesses don't vote. Huh. Whooda thunk.

That being the case, I move that we pass a shoot-on-sight ordinance for Jehova's Witnesses who knock on my door while I live there...as in ever.

Who's going to vote against it?

telco immunity

It isn't that Democrats are more or less susceptible to corruption. Every politician is a human first (with the exceptions of Phil Gramm and Tom DeLay).

It's that Democrats can be bought cheaper.




Juneteenth is Thursday.

My office is having a Juneteenth Potluck. Two of the four black people who work in my office are going to be out that day...planned well in advance.

I'm white. I kind of feel like Juneteenth is the kind of holiday where people like me should tread lightly. Maybe wear a t-shirt that says, "You're right, we're kind of assholes."

I don't think that it's a day when 40 white people should sign up for a pot luck with items like "good ole' cole slaw" and "mammy's fried chicken."


check one more for Obama

My mom is *still* an ardent Hillary supporter.

She mentioned that she was considering voting for McCain. I said, "rather than vote for the chosen candidate of your lifelong party, you would pick a guy who married a beauty queen and then divorced her after she got in a car wreck and wasn't pretty anymore...only to marry a drug addicted heiress to fund his political aspirations? That's a vote that makes sense to you?"

She had no idea what I was talking about. I e'splained.

She's voting for Obama now.


- Tim Russert. I confess that I wasn't that much of a Sunday-morning-bobblehead watcher but he seemed to be a bastion of journalistic integrity; one of the gold-standard sort. The kind of guy who doesn't oppose the O'rlys of the world but rather renders them irrelevant.

- Stan Winston. Did you fall in love with Edward Scissorhands? Do you remember Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as vampires? Did Danny Devito's Penguin make you a little sick to your stomach? Then you will miss Stan Winston.

- New Orleans, again, maybe: Flood waters are cresting in St. Louis today and it's still raining upstream. I guess we're about to find out if the repairs to the levees are going to hold up.